International Helps Gambia

We are a small VZW (non-profit association), started in 17/11/2018.


As a small non-profit organization, we are completely dependent on donations. Your Gifts.

Because without your support we cannot continue our operation in The Gambia. You can read everything about our achievements on this website. These projects were all done with the support of people like you. Please help us.


There are 3 ways to help us. You can become a member of our association.

For just 10 euros per year you are therefore a true International helps Gambia friend.

You can support our projects with a small contribution or material assistance. Or you can sponsor a child. We can do a lot for just 26 cents a day. And we give a Gambian child a chance for a better life.

As a small association, we can guarantee that all assistance will arrive 100% on the spot.

All gifts, material help and sponsor money are spent on one purpose only


Running projects


  1. Anna, orphan girl 3 years with 2 neglected clubfoot treatment already started but € 130 per month required
  2. Mariama Bojang 3 years a terrible eye problem, we can save her eye


  • Our goal is to give the Gambians a better life, both the elderly and the young.
  • We think it is important that all children can go to school
  • Food projects in the rainy season
  • Healthcare is also our top priority
  • Schools provided with lesson material, maintenance of buildings etc.
  • Clothing, shoes, toys and the like for the poorest
  • Find sponsor parents / grandparents for 50 daycare children (girls)
  • Our sponsor maternity clinic, with infant desk and medical clinic for the poor Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass            

How can you help us?

You can become a member of our VZW € 10.00 per year

You can donate a school package for € 2.50 (2 notebooks, 2 pencils, 2 pens, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener and 1 ruler)

You can take a sponsored child € 10.00 per month, for that money, can she go to school, is she sheltered and 3x pd food, in case of illness she is treated,

You can buy a banana box yourself (€ 7.50 for a banana box) via our Goods For Gambia collection point.

One-time gift, with more than € 40.00 it is tax deductible. Can you make us happy with things from the list below and / or


Make your family and acquaintances enthusiastic about our projects and / or speaking sessions at school. Collection of clothing, shoes, tools, toilet articles and the like To publicize in one way or another by, for example, placing a link from our site in regional magazines / club magazines.

Do you support our promotions?

Have you become enthusiastic about this and want to support Gambia with us?



(Non-profit association) Rue Fleurie 45

6941 Bomal-sur-Ourthe Belgium +32 (0) 498-629079

BE46 0018 5629 2636 T.A.V International Helps Gambia O.V.V GIFT

The IHG company number is now active: BE0718.918.072


Undersigned founders:

VAN DER BURCH Annabella, Rue Fleurie 45, 6941 Bomal-sur-Ourthe, Belgium (Chairman),

SCHELLINGERHOUT Nicoliene, Jacobus Pieter Thijssestraat 13 2771 HT, Boskoop, The Netherlands (Treasurer),

SPEEL Richard, Jacobus Pieter Thijssestraat 13, 2771 HT, Boskoop, The Netherlands (Secretary),

SANNEH Abdoulie, Face 1, Bursuby, Kololi, Gambia (member of the Council of the Gambia).


Meeting of November 17, 2018, has agreed to set up the VZW INTERNATIONAAL HELPS GAMBIA, in short IHG, and have adopted the following articles of association.